A Letter to Amazon

24 Nov

Dear Amazon,

I know that we aren’t on the best of terms.  Perhaps my decision not to buy a Kindle has something to do with that.  Don’t get me wrong; I love eBooks.  I can collect as many eBooks as I like, and I’ll never have to try to find room for them.  I just looked at the Kindle, as well as other options, and made a decision based on what would work for me.

I noticed that you use a proprietary eBook format based on mobi.  I’m sure that works for you.  I decided to go with the more openly available .epub.  After all, I can get that from my local library, and just about any eBook store.  To be honest, by refusing to use epub, you’ve made yourself unattractive to me.  But does that mean that we can’t get along?

I’d like to sell eBooks on Amazon, but you don’t make it easy for me.  You see, I’m Canadian.  You haven’t been very nice to Canada.  While you do have a Canadian store, many of your products aren’t available on it.  And eBooks?  Forget it!  We have to buy off of the American site.  OK, Fine.  It doesn’t make that big a deal, I guess.  On the other hand, selling books through you sucks.

I took a good look at Createspace and Amazon KDP.  I was Impressed at how simple everything was, except for one little thing; you don’t deal with Canadian banks.  Your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available all over the world, except for your neighbors to the north.  (By the way, Canada and the U.S.A. have a very strong trade agreement.)  You expect me to wait till I’ve earned $100.00 US  in three different currencies, wait for checks in each of those currencies, and then pay for the inconvenience.  I don’t think so.  I’d love to deal with you, but I refuse to work under those conditions.

While we’re on the topic of bad conditions, let’s discuss KDP Select.  You have a special offer for people who are willing to make their books exclusive to you for a minimum of ninety days.  Availability on the Kindle lending library, five days of giveaways, and better royalties just for making a book exclusive to Amazon.  Of course, you don’t tell people how bad exclusivity is for sales, do you?

I have all kinds of reasons no to deal with you, but I’d really like that to change.  After all, I just want to sell my books.  Maybe we can work something out?


R.D. Pruden

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